Putting your convictions to action:

Wake GOP understands that the strength and power of the party begins with our precinct captains. We have invested time and resources to ensure that the party grows at the grassroots level. Precinct captains are the closest to the volunteers and voters which is why we want to make every tool available to help make each precinct successful. If you would like to invest time in building a better community where you live and help us in the fight to take back Wake County, there are several ways to do that. 

– Precinct Captain
– Election Official (paid poll worker + judges)
– Poll Observer
– Poll Greeter
– Office Volunteer
– Recruit Friends and Family
– Canvassing
– Helping Voters get to the Polls
– Community Events
– Absentee Ballot Chases

Election Officials:

We are very proud of the team of election workers the Wake County Republican Party has recruited over the last year. We continue to close the gap between party lines in both paid poll workers and judges. This is the best way to help protect the ballot.


Republicans in Wake County have our work cut out for us. But if you believe that your children should go to world-class schools in your own communities, that you deserve to live in a safe neighborhood, and that you should keep more of the money you earn, then we need your help!