Paid Election Poll Workers

Paid Precinct/Election Official – Election Day

Paid poll workers play a crucial role in ensuring the smooth functioning and integrity of the electoral process. In Wake County, where there are 214 precincts and over 2,000 positions to fill in voting locations, the importance of having dedicated individuals cannot be overstated. One significant development has been the increase in the number of Republican poll workers, reflecting a more balanced representation at the polls.

In 2023, there was a notable achievement with a 27 Republican judge increase, indicating progress in bolstering the staffing of key positions critical for upholding the integrity of the ballot. These strides are essential for safeguarding the democratic process, as poll workers are on the front lines of maintaining order, assisting voters, and ensuring compliance with election procedures.

Paid poll workers bring professionalism, accountability, and impartiality to their roles, thereby fostering trust and confidence in the electoral system. Their efforts contribute significantly to upholding the principles of democracy and ensuring that every eligible voter can exercise their right to vote freely and fairly.

  • Each precinct is allotted one Republican and one Democrat. Each election cycle the Democrats fill almost every precinct with a paid poll work, we need to match them in 2024!
  • Paid poll workers are paid for by the state of North Carolina and are paid between $300 – $425 depending on the job assignment.
  •  If you are interested in becoming a paid poll worker this upcoming election, please email us at Pollworker@wakegop.org.


  • Must be over 18 years of age
  • Registered Voter or willing to register to vote
  • Cannot be a candidate or relative of a candidate
  • Cannot be an elected official, nor an office holder of a political party, and cannot be a treasurer for a candidate or political party
  • Cannot serve at the same polling place as your relative, e.g., wife, child, sibling, etc.
  • Commit 2-3 days of service to ensure you and your community are able to cast your ballots on Election Day
  • Precinct Officials are assigned responsibilities based upon their strengths, interests, and experience.

Requirements of a Precinct Official

  • Have reliable transportation
  • Work the entire day of the Election (6 am to 9 pm) in order to be paid
  • Refrain from promoting or discussing any political candidate or political party while working on Election Day
  • Attend all training classes offered for each election, including:
    • Welcome Session conducted by Wake County Board of Elections – optional attendance
    • Training Session conducted by Wake County Board of Elections’ personnel to receive in-depth information of responsibilities, logistics, and opportunity for questions and answers.
    • Monday night set-up the day before election
    • Work the entire day of the Election (6 am to 9 pm)


  • Earn extra cash
    • Precinct officials are paid between $300 – $425 depending upon the job assignment.
  • Ensure Wake County has free and fair elections
  • Meet other members of your community
  • Learn about elections’ process
  • Enhance your resume