Paid Election Poll Workers

Paid Precinct/Election Official – Election Day

Why is it important?

  • Election workers, also known as precinct officials, are an essential part of the election process. Throughout the election cycle, from early voting through to the general election, election/precinct officials provide critical support such as setting up the voting equipment, checking in voters, processing ballots, helping voters with special needs, and closing down and securing the voting site at the end of the day.
  • Wake county needs more than 2,000 paid, dedicated volunteers to operate Wake County polling places each election to ensure fair and honest elections. We have 206 precincts, so there is a great need for folks to volunteer and engage in their civic duty.
  • Wake GOP is committed to ensuring election integrity and that our election laws are enforced to ensure free and fair elections. It is critical that we engage as many folks as possible to engage in their civic duty, be trained as precinct/election officials in order to oversee the election process and ensure our democracy is preserved. 



  • Must be over 18 years of age
  • Registered Voter or willing to register to vote
  • Cannot be a candidate or relative of a candidate
  • Cannot be an elected official, nor an office holder of a political party, and cannot be a treasurer for a candidate or political party
  • Cannot serve at the same polling place as your relative, e.g., wife, child, sibling, etc.
  • Commit 2-3 days of service to ensure you and your community are able to cast your ballots on Election Day
  • Precinct Officials are assigned responsibilities based upon their strengths, interests, and experience.


Requirements of a Precinct Official

  • Have reliable transportation
  • Work the entire day of the Election (6 am to 9 pm) in order to be paid
  • Refrain from promoting or discussing any political candidate or political party while working on Election Day
  • Attend all training classes offered for each election, including:
    • Welcome Session conducted by Wake County Board of Elections – optional attendance
    • Training Session conducted by Wake County Board of Elections’ personnel to receive in-depth information of responsibilities, logistics, and opportunity for questions and answers.
    • Monday night set-up the day before election
    • Work the entire day of the Election (6 am to 9 pm)



  • Earn extra cash
    • Precinct officials are paid between $300 – $425 depending upon the job assignment.
  • Ensure Wake County has free and fair elections
  • Meet other members of your community
  • Learn about elections’ process
  • Enhance your resume