Volunteer Poll Observers

The Wake County Republican Party needs dedicated patriots to register as poll observers. We need republican poll observers to work the election sites, observe and report any suspected problems to protect our free and fair elections.


  • Wake County GOP is committed to protecting our election integrity by ensuring our electoral process is safe, transparent, and fair. We need to restore the public’s faith and confidence in our election results and overall electoral system. This can only be done with the help of dedicated, passionate conservative volunteers who understand the importance of free and fair elections.
  • Poll observers provide the necessary election safeguard to ensure that no legally eligible voters are disenfranchised, that all votes are accurately and legally tabulated, and that voters are not confused about laws and procedures.


NC Statutory Requirements

  • Must be registered to vote in Wake County
  • Must be appointed by county political party chairman
  • Cannot be a candidate on the ballot, nor a paid precinct official.



  • Poll observers are assigned inside voting areas to watch the voting process and look for irregularities.
  • Poll observers are allowed to take notes and raise objections with elections officials and report such concerns to the Wake County GOP liaison.
  • Poll observers must work a minimum of four hours per shift.



  • All Poll observers will receive extensive training from the county and state Republican party, as well as training and materials provided by the Wake County Board of Elections and the NC State Board of Elections.