Wake County Republican Party Vision

Vision: A Wake County Republican Party united around an America First agenda to elect conservative candidates.

We will implement this vision by:

  • Educating voters about solid conservative, America First, WakeStrong principles
  • Organizing professionally with strong leaders leveraging experience and best practices from the military, business, and winning political campaigns.
  • Empowering candidates – Recruiting, developing, and supporting effective candidates for offices. Helping to provide the resources, volunteers, funding, media, and training required to win.
  • Engaging volunteers – Offering innovative options to engage GOP volunteers in whatever way they can be effective, energizing them and bringing new life into the party.

Our Core Values:

  • Patriotism – A love for America, our shared values, history, and an understanding that with the right leadership our best days are ahead of us. We refuse to let it be destroyed by leftist activists.
  • Integrity – Unwavering commitment to our conservative principles and truth in all things
  • Innovative Leadership – Having the vision to set out a path for change and organize others around those goals; new younger and passionate leadership roles, new ideas, inclusiveness
  • Unity of effort – To enlarge and unite the party with the common goal of winning elections


Key Policy Positions

  • Demand and fight for election integrity and support measures such as voter ID requirements
  • Unwavering support for our Constitution
  • Fiscal conservatism to keep tax and regulatory burden low
  • Push back hard against political correctness, woke culture, and radical leftist agenda
  • Complete reopening of our schools and business that have been damaged by COVID restrictions
  • Support school choice so that every family has access to an educational path that works best for them
  • Challenge high tech censorship to protect our 1st Amendment rights
  • Support for pro-life legislation
  • Uphold the rule of law and support our law enforcement agencies
  • Controlled and legal immigration that benefits the US


How we’ll do it (Our Plan)


  • Education – Develop educational initiatives to promote conservative values and cultivate the next generation of American leaders.
  • Grow our Base thru promotion, social media and get out our message
  • Exciting activities to engage with and educate young and minority voters; capitalize on 2020 minority growth and further increase our base
  • Apply cutting edge, innovative marketing to attract new voters and convert existing Democrats and Unaffiliated
  • Increase use of technology to get our message out using the latest social media tools


Direct election and candidate support

  • Begin a program of long-term candidate development to make sure we have a pipeline of candidates who are vetted, prepared, and educated to run successful campaigns.
  • Work to get Republicans on planning and municipal boards – will increase their name recognition and familiarity with relevant issues.
  • Develop a trained group of poll watchers and election support teams
  • Revitalize fund raising operations to provide financial support for winnable campaigns
  • Find needed funding to augment or cover candidate campaign costs


Organizational professionalization

  • Professionalize the operations of the Wake GOP. Hire a full time Executive Director
  • Create a written campaign plan for the operations of the organization
  • Fiscal responsibility – strict accounting and disciplined use of our precious funds and resources
  • Work to procure a permanent office building to house GOP operations for the long term
  • 100% of precincts organized with Chairs and active members
  • Build presence and influence at the NC GOP organization (ExComm and Central committee)


WakeStrong Now!

WakeStrong First!

WakeStrong Forever!