Chairman Col. Alan Swain

Chairman Col. Alan Swain

Alan Swain is a retired US Army Colonel who served his country around the world for 26 years. Alan worked at the White House under Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush as the Executive Officer to the White House Drug Czar.

Wake GOP – 120 Day Strategic Action Plan Report

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  • Identified new, more functional centrally located party headquarters space, negotiated favorable lease and coordinated office relocation.
  • Budget for WGOP relocation to new office conducted well below budget thanks to many great volunteers.
  • Improved organization and discipline in Wake GOP operations.
    • Created Strategic Action Plan schedule and timeline for 2021
    • Began regular cadence of weekly Executive Board “Team Sync” meetings to feed into the weekly Chairman’s update.
    • Coordinated budget development process, created new budget tracking spreadsheet
    • Created and implemented secure, cloud-based file storage and collaboration sites for the Executive Board, Region Chair Training group, and Election Integrity Committee
    • Updated Committee Structure and alignment to Vice Chairs, supervised creation of mission statements and areas of responsibilities
    • Organized each Wake GOP officer with specific lanes of action and clear responsibilities.
    • Created Wake GOP email accounts for Primary Executives, Region Chairs and select Committee Chairs
    • Created WakeGOP email accounts for Primary Executives, Region Chairs and select Committee Chairs
    • Drafted job description for planned WGOP Executive Director
    • Created and began documenting procedures in a Standard Operating Procedures guidebook to assist future Wake GOP leadership in quickly taking over operations. Created after action reports for significant events to document lessons learned.
    • Created new password vault to store all Wake GOP authentication information in a central location
    • Conducted a first ever disaster recovery test to make sure critical Wake GOP information can be restored in the event of a hack or other unplanned damage to data.
  • Published “Candidate Handbook” for potential candidates with information they need to plan, prepare, and execute a winning campaign.
    • Organized and conducted candidate recruitment social events and separate candidate training day
    • Created online application portal for potential election candidates
  • Developed a Wake Strong Founders Club to meet the needs of WGOP monthly expenditures. We anticipate the Founders Club growing to several thousand members
  • Added 3 new Ad Hoc Committees to meet our America First agenda platform. Added committees were Election Integrity, Public Safety and Outreach/Activism. All 3 committees are making significant progress tracking issues in support of our America First agenda.
  • Election Integrity Committee works to restore North Carolinians’ trust that their vote is counted, that their voice is heard, and that they can have confidence in the outcome of our elections.
  • Minority Outreach Committee conducted an online Minority Outreach Forum to capitalize on 2020 minority growth gains and to further expand our conservative base.
  • Outreach/Activism Committee conducted its initial meeting with future events being planned.
  • Outreach efforts to gain press coverage at the NCGOP State Convention and participation in the John Locke Foundation summit in the Spring were successful.
  • Continue to improve organizing our 14 Regions with 206 Precincts providing weekly updates and conducting monthly training coordination sessions.
  • Developed a new innovative, engaging, and better organized WGOP website to meet needs of Wake County which is getting rave reviews across the state
  • Marketing/PR Committee is very active to include growing WGOP social media presence across several new mediums focused on 5 themes getting our America First agenda message out.
  • Get out the Vote (GOTV) committee has developed and planed a phased ‘Wake Walk’ plan for 2021 local municipal elections. Drafted GOTV palm cards for each municipal region.
  • Supported creation of new Southern Wake Conservative Club and co-sponsored successful US Senate hopefuls BBQ Meet & Greet raising funds for the new club
  • Developed Organizational budget to meet the WGOP office needs for (i.e. ExBd, ExComm, District 2 ExComm, Region Chair training, Candidate Recruitment, Election Integrity and Club and Region Chair) meetings and activities for the ‘21-22 year
  • Wake GOP store is fully operational and will begin online sales by the end of July. We have taken the store to 4 outside events, the launch party for the 10K Founders Club, the 3 day NC State Convention in Greenville, our Flag Day Picnic and our first Golf Tournament, we have been able to generate enough revenue to cover the first half of our total expenditures so far and we still have several other events to go including the big one in October – the 10 day NC State Fair!
  • WGOP office has been open for 5 days a week with 7 hours a day since March 29th , staffed by dedicated volunteers. They have also assisted in arranging for the candidate related events hosted by the Candidate Recruitment Committee – the 2 Meet and Greet Socials and the successful candidate training day.
  • Events Committee organized, planned and executed 4 successful events at or under budget. Events Committee has 5 more events planned thru December with a possible 6th and 7th in discussion/planning.
  • New innovative event ideas (i.e. Founder’s events. golf tournament, gun raffle and beach music festival) appear to be excellent fundraisers for WGOP’s future. Founder’s event netted new recurring donations and currently covers monthly WGOP overhead costs less projected IT services/upgrades. Golf tourney netted $7,634.17. Gun raffle and beach music festival are projected and will raise funds for WGOP.
  • Founder’s Club May kickoff event was a huge success with maximum attendance and many new members joined. Founders concept of recurring costs is proving to be one of the best method to generate needed fundraising. Series of Founder’s Club fundraising planned in August and future months.
  • Firearms raffle event is progressing successfully with costs covered and projected fundraising to exceed expectations.
  • Founder’s Club recurring donations are currently meeting monthly recurring overhead costs in a short 3-month period. Future member registration will significantly impact WGOP effort to get its message out, grow our base and support candidates to get them elected to office. 
  • Significant advances in Tech Committee to improve efficiencies.
    • Successfully moved Wake GOP website from Nation Builder. Created a new Wake GOP Website on WordPress to give us more control and the ability to add new features and functionality
    • Centralized all of our Wake GOP contacts into MailChimp where we now have integrations with the website signups, Anedot, Square, Eventbrite, Facebook and Instagram
    • Created new email templates for Chairman’s roll ups and events using MailChimp. Previously done on Nation Builder.
    • Started using Eventbrite for all Wake GOP events making event setup and online registration easier for users and WGOP staff
    • Created gun raffle program using Anedot
    • Started a Chairman’s Update Blog on the new website
    • Integrated social media posts on the new website
    • Installed the Facebook Pixel on our site started Using Facebook Ads
    • SEO enhancements for better visibility in Google and created a Search Console account to help us understand how Google views our site.
  • Organized a County Commission Action team to advocate for a change to the current method of electing County Commissioners as well as capture data to prepare for the 2022 elections

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