Election Integrity Committee

Election Integrity Committee

Election Integrity Progress Report 6/13/21

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Since its inception two months ago, the Wake GOP Election Integrity Committee has been hard at work fulfilling its five-fold mission to protect and uphold America’s democratic process. Our committee works to restore North Carolinians’ trust that their vote is counted, that their voice is heard, and that they can have confidence in the outcome of our elections.

Our committee operates under the following five-fold mission:

  • Educate (Yvonne Dewald, Team Leader) – Present to clubs, stakeholders, election volunteers, and others throughout Wake County on best practices and policies.
  • Advocate (Joanne Empie, Team Leader) – Meet with lawmakers to advocate for needed resources and policy changes. Support lawmakers’ ongoing efforts that align with North Carolina’s constitution and best practices.
  • Communicate (Jim Foltz, Team Leader) – Communicate regularly with voters in Wake County regarding the Committee’s efforts. Connect with other counties’ election integrity committees as well as other state organizations working on election integrity to partner where appropriate.
  • Investigate (Lou Sawicki, Team Leader) – Research, analyze data, and make recommendations to the county and state boards of elections regarding election equipment and election results.
  • Equip (Toni Mascherin, Team Leader) – Champion the recruitment and training of election volunteers and poll workers. Help to coordinate the assignment of early voting and election day poll workers and observers based on need.

On behalf of our team leaders and volunteers, as Chair, I am pleased to report the following progress updates:

  • Educate:
    • Begun work on a presentation to educate voters in Wake County and beyond on the gold standards of a free and fair election process.
      • Accumulated work done on this subject:
        • Google information, Carter/Barer Commission Report 2005, News articles, Heritage Foundation report on election integrity
      • Organized information according to recommendations using Carter/Baker Commission Report as this report is the most comprehensive 
      • Current focus:
        • Identify five to eight most important major tasks needed to obtain election integrity
        • Identify three to five major actions to accomplish each identified task
        • Identify the above specific to North Carolina
  • Advocate:
    • Contacted 40 Election Integrity volunteers to write emails regarding observer regulations and 3 voter integrity bills (S 326 – Election Integrity, S 360 – Agreements with Attorney General, and H 819 – Observers).
      • 20 individuals emailed on the observer regulations and 11 individuals on the legislation. 
    • Contacted the Granville and Durham GOP chairs to see if they would like to participate in our effort.
    • Coordinated with the Investigate Team regarding the veracity and scope of a forensic audit of the 2020 election.
    • Current focus:
      • Volunteers will be contacted this week to ask them to write legislators on 3 bills ( S 360 & H 606 – Agreements with the Attorney General and S 722 – Redistricting for Municipal elections) and request a forensic audit which has been in the news in the past few days. 
  • Investigate:
    • When a process has statistical outliers, which go beyond the expected or accepted variance, they are called anomalies.  When the anomalies defy both the norm and the statistical possibilities which could have created them…we look for errors. 
    • The Investigate Team is diligently working to discover the why certain data doesn’t look quite right, and the how to keep it from happening again.  
    • Specific areas of focus:
      • Voter role integrity
        • We are validating the records of 57,000 registered voters who didn’t vote during the previous two presidential election cycles, but still remained on the 2020 roles and also all managed to vote absentee. 
        • While we all cherish and celebrate those who live to surpass 100 years old, NC apparently has an unusual number of those who have accomplished this and had also chosen to vote in the 2020 election. 
        • The voter role research is also revealing potential issues with the current registration process.  We are looking into what safeguards exist to validate the voter registration data to prevent duplicate entries and outdated data to remain in the system. 
      • Election Finance Reform
        • When election finance is discussed, normally the topic revolves around direct or indirect donations to candidates.  Multiple laws and regulations surround this specific topic. 
        • What seems unusual for this past election was the influx of private monies going to various departments and agencies throughout the state. 
        • Research is currently being done to ask the question, “Where did the money go and what was it used for?” 
      • Election systems
        • There is an old saying, that it’s a poor mechanic that blames their work on the quality of their tools.  But, it’s also true that having the correct tool for the job is essential. 
        • An initial review of the documentation for the systems used in NC has led to questions about potential security vulnerabilities, security processes and the chain of custody for data. 
  • Equip:  
    • At a recent W. Wake Regional meeting of Precinct Chairs, we decided to have Mr. Laird Hepburn present to all Precinct Chairs a ZOOM tutorial on how he was able to accomplish the following:
      • Download his precinct voter data (R, D, UNA) from the Wake Co. BOE and the Wake Co. GOP sites.
      • Incorporate the data into an Excel spreadsheet.
      • Transfer voter names and addresses to Google Maps so that their location is “pinned” on the map.
      • Such maps can be used to recruit volunteers for all purposes, and to walk neighborhoods.
      • If the ZOOM tutorial goes well, it is my belief that Laird should present similar tutorials to ALL precincts in Wake Co.
    • State audits of the November election are snowballing. Momentum for an audit  in NC may grow as data emerges as a result of the Arizona audit.

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