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Our Commitment to Public Education

The 2016 budget is complete. Once again we have proven our commitment to teachers and public education. Get ready, because you are not going to hear this good news from the media.

“Well, the 2016 budget is complete and once again we proved our commitment to public education. Get ready, because you’re not going to see this in the media. In the new budget, guess what? We raised teacher salaries again with an average increase of 4.7%.

This is in addition to the last two years of pay raises that average 11% which was ranked largest pay raise in the country. In fact, North Carolina leads the nation now for increased teacher pay and under this plan teacher salaries statewide or average fifty thousand one hundred eighty six dollars for the first time in state history teachers salaries will average over fifty thousand dollars and over the next three years this average will increase to 55 thousand dollars a year.

This means that the average teacher salary will be up almost ten thousand dollars. More than twenty percent since the governor and I came into office in 2013. We increased k-12 education funding by over five hundred and twelve million dollars over the 2016-17 budget year. We now spend 2 billion dollars more on k-12 education then was spent by the previous administrations’ last year in office. We shrunk class size by providing funding to hire 450 new first grade teachers which ensures that kindergarten through third grade classrooms will have one teacher for every 17 kids. And on top of that fully funded teacher assistant positions, again we didn’t stop the positive work with just k-12 public education.

At the university level we guaranteed no in-state tuition increases for students attending any one of the 16 unc system universities and we froze student fees so our college students and their parents don’t have any surprise increases awaiting when they return to campus we now even offering one thousand dollar per year tuition for students at several unc system universities from the mountains to the coast ensuring all North Carolinians have affordable option to higher education and we did all this while simultaneously lowering taxes by over three billion dollars on our tax paying citizens, cutting the unemployment rate in half, creating nearly 300,000 new jobs boosting per capita income and growth rate fifteen percent faster than the rest of the country. Paying off nearly three point eight billion dollars in debt we inherited and maintaining our state’s Triple A bond. So when you hear someone say we’re cutting education spending or we’re going backwards and education in our state, please let them know the truth and make sure you say thank you to the General Assembly and the government for making education a top priority in North Carolina.”

Dan Forest

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