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Greeter Support

All Greeters should review the Greeter Video below


On the way IN—-

1. Hello, I’m Mike, a volunteer from Wake GOP
2. “Would you like a Conservative Judge & Voter Guide?”
3. Please recycle this back to me on the way out.

On the way OUT—

1. “Thank you for voting today!”
2. Try to remember who took the Voter Guide “Can you volunteer to help us get out the vote” “Please sign- up on our Volunteer Sheet”. Have list of volunteer opportunities available if they ask.

Wake GOP Office – 919-890-5374

“How To” GOP Greeter Guide (click to download PDF)

1. Purpose

  • Offer our voter guide that lists all of GOP Endorsed Candidates.
  • Thank people for coming out to vote.
  • Recruiting volunteers.

2. Why is a greeter SO IMPORTANT?

  • People will come to vote knowing some but not all of who they want to vote for.
  • Some may have left their selections at home.
  • Help show support for the Republican candidates.

3. Be Prepared

  • Please wear regular clothes—nothing political or potentially controversial.
  • Bring a volunteer sign- up sheet, list of Volunteer Opportunities (in case a voter is curious about how they can help) and a chair to put your papers on and/or take a rest when it is slow.
  • Be there early and have a copy of the greeter schedule in case you need to call one another. Know what the plan is if someone does not show up and who to call in your precinct or if all else fails call the Spring Forest office at 919-890-5374. You may be able to hand off your material to a republican candidate greeter if there is no other alternative.
  • First shift could bring a recycle box to recycle voter guides, puts up signs including Volunteers Needed sign. Last shift takes up the signs and holds them until further instructions.

4. Rules of Engagement

  • No campaigning within 50 feet of the polling place. It will be marked by the Board of Elections staff. Exceptions: A few precincts are 25-foot area.
  • Greeters can’t be wall flowers. Go out and meet the voter as they come up.
  • Do not get into hot discussion with people of opposing views. They won’t be persuaded at this late date, and you will miss many, many opportunities to reach more receptive ears if you waste time talking with them.
  • No “harassment” of voters – if they don’t want your information, let them just move on by. Never block their path.

5. A Successful Message – Your goal is to interact with ALL conservatives – REPs, UNAs, & DEMs

  • KEEP A SMILE! We are the party of choice!!
  • HOLD YOUR HANDOUT IN FRONT OF YOU. Voters can see from 10 feet away that you have something to offer.
  • Walk out to meet them.
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