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This is Not My Father’s Democratic Party

My father is a registered Democrat in Macon County, NC. He is a retired union steward from Detroit. A man who defines “SCAB” much differently than those protesting at airports today. A man who believed his Democratic Party supported the working man; those without a voice; those […]

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FIRE Launches First Amendment Library

PHILADELPHIA, Nov. 14, 2016—Today, the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) is proud to launch our First Amendment Library, designed to be the premier resource for information about the First Amendment’s five freedoms. FIRE’s First Amendment Library is a free, online database of First Amendment-related materials, […]

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On the Road Report with Lt. Governor Dan Forest

  Henry Clay Day   On Tuesday, April 26th Lt. Governor Forest hosted his third-annual Henry Clay Day celebration. Each year, to commemorate Henry Clay’s famous “Raleigh Letter,” Lt. Governor Forest hosts a celebration with MoonPies, RC Colas and Henry Clay cigars. Additionally, each year someone is […]

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2016 Primary Turnouts in North Carolina

Liberal Forecasts on Voter Turnout Prove to be Wrong Read Article from John Hood  

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