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Wake County Republican Party Platform

As an auxiliary of the North Carolina Republican Party, the Wake County GOP does not have its own independent platform. We honor and support the platform of the North Carolina Republican Party, as well as that of the Republican National Committee.

To review the platform for the North Carolina Republican Party, please visit the NC GOP Platform 2012 containing the final ratified platform.

To review the platform for the Republican National Committee, please visit the Party Platform containing the platform ratified at the national convention.

Wake County Plan of organization Modified March 31, 2014

The Wake County Republican Party has four core values
Only by WINNING these races can we provide the necessary clout and pressure that will compel our elected officials to govern under the principles of our platform. In order to win these races this year, our Wake County Republican Party will be focusing on four main themes that will be continually repeated:
1.) Fiscal Conservatism – our elected leaders must treat the taxpayers’ money like they’d treat their own money. They must be frugal, efficient, and spend only on those areas that are necessary.
2.) Personal Responsibility – we all need to take “ownership” of our own lives, our decisions, and the consequences of those decisions, rather than relying on our government to make these decisions for us, or bailing us out from our own bad judgment.
3.) Focus on Family and Neighborhoods – the family unit is the backbone of the country, and the school is the backbone of the neighborhood. If either is at risk, then our country is at risk.
4.) Government Accountability – our elected officials, along with all government employees, should be accountable for their actions. Tax cheats, mismanagement and “ethical malfunctions” among our elected leaders must not be tolerated by the people.

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